About us

We are a Nutrition First company that believes that food should promote health and longevity. Period. That’s why our products are rich in prebiotics, antioxidants and omega 3s. We don’t add cheap fillers or questionable ingredients. We start with nutrition and we end there.

It’s not enough to be merely gluten-free. There’s plenty of gluten-free products loaded with sugar. Similarly, vegan products don’t necessarily connote health either. The same goes for low-carb. So we create nutrient-dense products that check all the boxes.

What’s clear to us is the Big Food companies don’t care about your health.  They seem content to create foods that are just making us sick. They are not getting better over time either. hey are finding more ways to load sugar and cheap seed oils into products. That’s just unacceptable.

As a brand, Longaevitas is taking the road less traveled. We are out to prove that people want “better for you” foods and that “No Added Sugar” is the path to better health. Join us, as we go against the grain and buck the status quo.

Eat Better, Live Longer.