Golden Salmon in 20 minutes or less

Golden Salmon in 20 minutes or less

When it comes to the best fish for your health, it’s hard to beat Wild Alaskan Salmon. With a whopping 4,123mg of Omega 3 per serving, they are just what the doctor ordered. Stay away from farm-raised. Fish aren’t supposed to eat corn. 


This recipe doesn’t leave out the greens either. We’ve made this with both spinach and kale and you can’t go wrong either way.. Kale provides  more than twice the amount of vitamin C as spinach, but spinach dishes up  more folate and vitamins A and K. Both are linked to improved heart health. Undecided which to include? Do a mix.


We top this with avocados. A single avocado has 13g of fiber, 4g of protein and 975 mg of potassium (more than twice the potassium in a banana and no sugar spike.) When you add Longaevitas GOLDEN, you add more Omega 3s, an additional 5g of protein and flavor combo that will be sure to get this recipe in your regular rotation. 



Two 6-oz Wild Alaskan Salmon fillets

½ pound Organic Spinach (or Kale)

2 medium Avocados

⅔ cup Longaevitas GOLDEN

Organic Avocado Oil

Organic Olive Oil

Sea Salt


Preheat oven to 375 F. Place fillets on a lightly oiled (avocado oil), low-rimmed baking pan. Brush fillets with avocado oil and season with sea salt and pepper Bake fillets for 10 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.


While fillets cook, lightly coat a large nonstick frying pan with extra virgin olive oil. Add ½ pound of organic spinach (or kale.) Heat pan on low heat and toss spinach repeatedly for up to 90 seconds. 


Divide spinach between 2 plates.


When fillets are done, add 1 to each plate and brush lightly with extra virgin olive oil. Top each with ⅓ cup Longaevitas GOLDEN and allow to rest for 5 minutes. 


While fillets are resting,remove the pits from 2 avocados and slice each into bite size pieces.

Add avocado to each plate and serve.

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