Longaevitas CACAO Raspberry Cream

Longaevitas CACAO Raspberry Cream

With only 2g of added sugar overall* this heavenly dessert will blow your mind. We find the raspberries and dark chocolate are enough to satisfy even the most ardent sweet tooth. This is equally decadent made with blackberries, another equally fiber-rich berry.


4 oz Organic Heavy Cream

¼ tsp Pure Vanilla

⅔ cup Longaevitas CACAO Granola

4 oz Organic Raspberries (about 12)

1 tsp Powdered Monkfuit (optional)

2 squares of Dark Chocolate (optional)

*1 square of 85% Dark Chocolate adds 1.3 g sugar


Add cream, vanilla and 6 of the raspberries to a small mixing bowl. Depending on the firmness of the raspberries, you might have to give them a little squeeze first. If including monkfruit, add that now as well.

Using a cake beater, mix on Medium speed until it stands (about 2 minutes.) Divide the whipped cream mixture between 2 bowls. Add ⅓ cup Longaevitas CACAO to each. Top each with 4 raspberries. For additional wow factor, break up 1 square of dark chocolate on each. Share with someone special.

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